Getting to Sold: Changes a Seller Can Control

Getting a little anxious for your home to sell?  Haven’t had anybody look at your house in quite a while?  Have you had hundreds of showings and no offers?  

Then you need to make a change. 



You’ve got four options:

Change your price

Change the condition of the property

Change your agent

Change your mind about selling your home.




I know, I know.  You don’t want to lower your price.  Who does?  Having been a home seller myself, I know it doesn’t feel very good to sign that status change form to change your price.  However, looking at the combination of your competition, market conditions, the number of showings you’re getting, and the strength of your agent’s marketing plan, changing your asking price may be the key to getting your home to sell.  Out of every 8 homes on the market last month, only 1 sold.  Do you really want to sell that house?  It may be time for a price change.


What about changing the house itself?  Sometimes, making improvements to the property is the key to getting the house to sell.  What changes would you make if you were buying that house all over again?  What have other agents and visitors said about the house?  Having a staging consultation can be a good way to hear an objective view of your house, and to get a comprehensive list of changes that can not only improve the value of your home, but help it to sell faster.  Your agent should have a list of service providers that can help you make the changes.


Can we talk about your agent?  When was the last time you heard from your agent?  Have you seen the pictures of your property?  Is the MLS description correct?  What is the marketing plan, and has it been followed?  Is your agent offering credible, reliable, and honest advice?  Do they return phone calls and emails?  Can your agent justify their marketing program and explain, with tangible results, what works best to sell a house?  If so: Has your agent been telling you all along that you need to make changes to the house and/or price?  Is it finally time to listen to your agent’s advice? 


Lastly, you can decide to not sell your house.  Maybe you don’t really need to move.  Or maybe you do.  Maybe you can’t afford to sell at market value, or maybe it just hurts a little too much to sell at market value.  Why did you want to sell your home in the first place?  Are those reasons still valid?  There’s a variety of reasons why selling your house right now may not be the best time.  What’s the best choice for you?

These are four changes that a Seller has absolute control over.  We could blame your house not selling on the CNY real estate market, but will that make you less frustrated or make your home sell?  The state of the market is out of your control.  If you want to sell your home, then we need to focus on the things that we can change. 



What will you change to get your home sold? 

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