It’s not about YOU, it’s all about THEM…

How many times do we read about our peers’ accomplishments — their sales volume or their ‘Top Producer’ status within their own firm or that of the city or nation’s list of top agents?  Agents and other service providers tend to ‘tout’ their monetary worth rather than selling themselves with what they can offer their clients.

What does it mean to the consumer when they read ‘Top Producer’ in an ad for a real estate agent?  Have you ever pondered that question?  Could it mean that the agents “think they’re all that?”  Could it mean that the agents are just “too busy for me, the consumer?”

My father was in the service (USAF) and then ‘retired’ and went into business.  I remember all my life having the mantra ‘the customer is ALWAYS right’ being hammered into my brain.  When I left banking and went into real estate, those words resounded with me because I knew that I had to adjust my banking mentality to one of complete customer service (in real estate).

New to the business, I would read each and every real estate advertisement, flyer, postcard or letter that was sent to my home by other agents and thought that the ‘Top Producer’ thing had to be a short term goal for me.  I would not stop until I achieved that status so that I could “boast” about it just as other agents did.   That old customer service seed that my father planted had led me to recognize that customer service, regardless whether the customer is right or wrong, is most imperative in our business.

I’ve read numerous articles and blog posts about how our business is NOT a service industry.  How is it NOT?  We’re dealing with customers/clients and we’re providing a service to them day in and day out–we’re sharing our knowledge and our expertise with them in order to help THEM achieve their goals.

The monetary reward of our service to our clients should be secondary.  Our mission is to help THEM achieve their homeownership and financial goals.  Think about this when you’re writing your ads and marketing yourself and your business…it’s not about YOU, it’s about THEM.

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