October 4, 2023
garage tools hanging on s-hooks that are suspended from copper pipes mounted on a wall

Garages can serve a multitude of purposes. Sure, they’re earmarked for cars but the added square footage always makes them an enticing zone for extra storage. It also doubles as a dumping ground for holiday decorations, old furniture, toys, you name it. Naturally, integrating an organizational system can be the difference between a cluttered area you can barely fit a car into and a streamlined zone that comfortably houses all of the odds and ends that you’ve accumulated over the years.

Now, while there may be a whole host of garage storage and organization products out there, we’re partial to a DIY project, which can offer a more customized approach with a design-friendly spin to boot. Another major plus? You can cater each project to a specific need and spot, which will allow you to maximize every available square inch. With that in mind, we set out to source a few clever solutions that took on garage storage with effortless flair.

1. Get to labeling

DIY garage organization idea with cabinet with labeled bins

Having dedicated garage storage and organization is half the battle — getting the family to stick to it is the other. Cue this easy DIY from Tidbits, which entails a cabinet outfitted with all of the essentials for keeping staples in check. Labeled pull-out bins mean no more excuses for misplaced items while bungee cords looped around a set of dowels help contain balls and toys in their respective areas.

2. Create a drop-off zone

DIY garage organization idea with art and shoe rack

Taryn Whiteaker transformed a lone corner of her garage into a certifiable mudroom courtesy of a little DIY project. The blogger paired a wall-mounted shelf with a set of milk crates to store hats, gloves, etc. She then completed the look by adding hooks (perfect for hanging backpacks and scarves) below the shelf and a stylish shoe rack.

3. Shelve it

DIY garage organization idea with garage shelving unit

If you’re looking for an all-encompassing DIY garage organization idea, Modern Builds has the ultimate solution: custom-built shelving. The four-tier unit is open and provides ample space, with assorted opportunities for holding everything from bulky containers and power tools to outdoor gear and generators.

4. Add some luster

DIY garage organization idea with tools hanging on s-hooks from copper pipes mounted on a wall

Not all garage storage and organization ideas need to entail plywood and pegboards. Cue this clever DIY by Trisha Sprouse, which uses a sleek set of copper pipes and matching S-hooks to deliver a handy hanging system for tools, accessories, and any other gear that comes your way.

5. Embrace the pegboard

DIY garage organization idea with pegboard with power tools above a work bench

Pegboards are as versatile a solution as any when it comes to garage storage and organization. Joann of Woman In Real Life installed one in her space to stash an assortment of tools — she even framed the pegboard so it would have a finished look. Below, the creative added a workbench, which can be folded down when not in use.

6. Hang your bikes

DIY garage organization idea with bikes hanging from garage ceiling

Bicycles can take up a lot of floor space in a garage, especially when you have an entire arsenal. Instead of giving up valuable square footage, follow Dream Green DIY’s lead and take to the ceilings with this easy hack. Secure a heavy-duty hook to a stud and use that to hang your bike up and out of the way.

7. Use the walls

DIY garage organization idea with elements hanging from the walls

This setup by Chris Loves Julia is pure goals when it comes to garage storage and organization. By installing GearWall panels, the couple was able to transform their walls with purpose, effectively maximizing the amount of excess space they had. From there, they added a series of hooks (some that even held up wire baskets!) to contain everything from bulky wires to ladders and more.

8. Line up your tools

DIY garage organization idea with tools and shovels on pvc pipe stand

If your garage functions as a space for outdoor storage, too, that can make things a little tricky. Finding a viable spot to store garden and landscaping tools is a tough job, but luckily, the bright minds behind Newly Woodwards have just what you need. Using cut PVC pipes attached to wooden boards, the creatives were able to fashion a sturdy landing spot for shovels and rakes, without taking up any floor space at all.

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