Blending the New and Old

You may have noticed that buying second-hand items has become popular. This practice reduces consumption, and up-cycling can be better for both the environment and your budget. If you have a home that was built in the 1920s, 1940s, or even the 1960s, you may want to preserve some of that history while still keeping the home livable and comfortable.

Here are some of the ways you can blend the old and the new in your home.

Repurpose Furniture

Whether you select hand-me-downs and family heirlooms or purchase worn pieces at thrift stores and flea markets, old furniture can make a real impact when used in the right way. You may not want to repurpose sofas or chairs without completely recovering them, but wooden furniture is more easily refinished and cleaned up.

Up-cycle and Redesign

A trend known as up-cycling uses older furniture and other discarded pieces to reinvent a like-new statement piece for your home. For example, people often use pallets as wood for shelves, small cabinets and tables. Check out local junk shops for items that can be completely repurposed and re-imagined.

Research the Era

Some people can take inspiration from the house itself. Is your home a working-class bungalow built-in the 1940s? Tons of styles can help you decorate your house preserving its history while updating it for modern use. Mid century homes, for example, are popular and people love including mid century design in these spaces.

Create the Right Balance

Ultimately, blending old and new is all about creating the right balance. Using a large statement piece but adding smaller more contemporary elements can give your home amazing personality and make it really pop. Look at the pieces you’ve collected and decide what the unifying theme is and play with that.

If you want to talk about the style you envision for your new home, call us today to learn more.

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