Decorating with Fall Color Schemes

What does autumn represent to you? For a lot of people, fall is their favorite season. The world is open to new colors and textures that represent comfort and coziness. The colors most associated with this season are brown, red, orange, and gold. The season is also all about textures, like cable knit, dry grasses, and crunchy leaves. You may not want to bring the forest floor into your home, but you can easily incorporate a fall color scheme.

Rustic Reds

Red is often considered a bold color, but that usually depends on how it’s used or what it’s paired with. For example, if you keep red limited to accessories, it actually can add a bright accent to a neutral room. If you paint your walls red, you’re creating a dramatic landscape for your entire design aesthetic. Red is a great choice if you’re not afraid of color.

Warm Oranges

Similarly, many people avoid orange in their homes. It really can add warmth to your design. Stay away from bright neon colors and instead try softer tones with a more autumn aesthetic, such as burnt orange. Orange is ideal for kitchens and living spaces and can even create a warm and comfy bedroom oasis.

Brilliant Golds

When we talk about gold in terms of autumn colors, we don’t mean bright metallic colors. A golden-hued paint that you would find in nature like fallen leaves or goldenrod can add richness to your room and design. Think along the lines of a camel color when you’re selecting furniture and accessories. Gold can function as part of a neutral color palette as well.

Decadent Browns

Although you may not choose to paint your walls brown, brown color tones make great accents in furniture and other accessories around your house. Brown pairs well with all of the fall colors to create a warm autumn look. Brown can be light, such as beige, or really rich and decadent, such as chestnut.

If you love working with fall colors year-round, let us know how you plan to incorporate these colors into your design. For other ideas about a color scheme for your home, contact us today.

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