April 23, 2024

Radio/Movie/TV Bobs

The Bobs on this list are among those who have starred in one or more of the millions of stage and screen productions that we have all enjoyed throughout our lifetimes. We know that there are still many, many more that we don’t have on the list. Send us the names of any you think of that we missed.

After looking at the list below, check out the links below to the  pages of other famous Bob’s:

Musical Bobs

Character, Cartoon & Fictional Bobs

Movie/Show Bobs

Robert Armstrong – Actor, “King Kong”
Bob Barker – Host of “The Price Is Right”
Bob Barry – Milwaukee radio icon
Robert Beecher – Actor, “Barton Fink”
Bob Bell – The Infamous “Bozo The Clown”
Robert Beltran – Chakotay in “Star Trek Voyager”
Roberto Benigni – Italian Actor
Robby Benson – Played Billy Joe in “Ode To Billy Joe”
Bob Bergen – Voiced Many Looney Toons Characters
Robert Blake – Actor, TV Series “Baretta”
Robert-Bruce Brake – Actor, “Drop Dead Gorgeous”
Bob Brown – Played as character Bob on “Mister Rogers”
Bob Burns – Actor & Monster In Several Horror Movies
Bobby Cannavale – TV & Movie Actor
Robert Carlyle – actor in “Trainspotting” & James Bond
Bob Carson – Movie Actor 1930’s-70’s
Bob Cerminera – News Reporter for WJW Fox 8 in Cleveland
Bob “Bobby” Clampett – Creator Of “Beany & Cecil” Cartoon
Bob Clark – Director, “The Christmas Story”
Robert M. Coleman, Jr. – Actor, “Run For The Money”
Robbie Coltrane – actor, “James Bond”, “Harry Potter”
Robert Conrad – “Wild, Wild West”
Bob Costas – Late Night Talk Show Host
Bob Crane – Colonel Hogan, “Hogan’s Heroes”
Robert Culp – TV Actor, Co-Star In “I Spy”
Robert Cummings – TV Actor, “Love That Bob”
Bob Dearborn – Producer of RKO’s “Night Time America”
Robert DiNiro – Movie Actor
Bob Denver – Played Gilligan On “Gilligan’s Island”
Robert Downey, Jr. – Movie Actor
Robert Duvall – Movie Actor
Bob Elliot – Bob & Ray Radio Show, CBS, 1946-76
Bob Elliot – Actor, “Quick Change”
Robert “Bob” Ellis – TV & Movie Actor
Robert Englund – Movie Actor, Played “Freddie Krueger”
Bob Eubanks – Hosted “The Newlywed Game”
Bobby Flay – Grill Chef, Food Channel
Robert Foster – Actor, “Star Wars”
Robert Fuller – Actor, “Emergency!” TV Series
Bobcat Goldwaith – Comedian, Actor
Robert Guillaume – Benson DuBois on 70’s sitcom “Soap”
Bob Guiny – Actor, “The Bachelorette”
Bob Hader – Comedian
Bob Hastings – Actor in many 60’s sitcoms
Bob Hope – (Legendary) Movie Actor
Bob Hoskins – actor, “Mrs. Henderson Presents”
Bob Jump – Voiceover In Many Radio/TV Commercials
Bob Keeshan – The infamous “Captain Kangaroo”
Bob Kevoian (The Bob & Tom Show)
Robert Klein – TV & Movie Actor
Bobby Lee – Cast Member of “Mad TV”
Robert Sean Leonard – Actor, “Dead Poets Society”
Robert Lindey – British actor
Bob Lonsberry ~ Conservative Radio Talk Show Host
Rob Lowe – Movie Actor
Robert Mandan – Chester Tate on 70’s sitcom “Soap”
Bob McAllister – Hosted “Wonderama” Kid’s Show, 1960’s
Bob McGrath – Sesame Street
Robert Duncan McNeill – actor, “Star Trek Voyager”
Bob Miller – Portland, OR Talk Radio Host, 860AM KPAM
Robert Mitchum – Movie Actor
Robert Monkhouse – British Sitcom Actor
Rob Morrow ~ Dr. Fleishman on “Northern Exposure”
Robert Munns – Actor, “Forever Young”
Bob Newhart – TV Sitcom Actor
Bob Odenkirk – Movie Actor, Writer, Producer
Robert Patrick – TV Actor, “X-Files”
Robert Picardo – actor, doctor in “Star Trek Voyager”
Robert Pine – TV Actor, Sgt. Joe Getraer On “Chips”
Robert Preston – Actor, “The Music Man”
Robb Pruitt – Comedian, Character Actor
Robert Reed – Played Mike (father) on The Brady Bunch
Rob Reiner – Actor, “All In The Family”
Robert Redford – Movie Actor
Bob Rivers – Bob Rivers Show, KZOK 102.5 FM, Seattle
Bobby Rivers – Ex VH1 veejay, Food Network show host
Robert “Bob” Clarence Rochelle (Banning, California)
Robby Rose – Radio show host on WQIK in Jacksonville
Robert Rowland – Actor, “Arabesque”
Bob Saget – Actor “Full House”
Bob Schieffer – Host/Anchor of CBS’s “Face The Nation”
Rob Schneider – Actor, Many Popular Comedy Movies
Bob Seagren – Dennis Phillips on 70’s sitcom “Soap”
Robert Shaw – Actor, “Jaws”
Robert Shaye – Producer, “Lord Of The Rings”
Robert Shayne – Actor, Original Superman TV Series
Robert Simonds ~ Producer, “Big Daddy”, “Pink Panther”
Bobby Slayton – Comedy Actor, Starred in “Bandits”
Robert Stack – Host Of “Unsolved Mysteries”
Bob Steele – Actor, starred in several westerns
Bob Stokes – Meteorologist on The Weather Channel
“Buffalo” Bob Smith – “Howdy Doody” Kids Show
Robert Taylor – Movie Actor, Writer
Billy Bob Thornton – Movie Actor, “Slingblade”
Bob Trowe – Character Actor on Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood
Robert Urich – Peter Campbell on 70’s sitcom “Soap”
Bob Van Dillen – Meteorologist, CNN Headline News
Robert Vaughn – Movie Actor
Bob Vila – Home Improvement Show Host, “This Old House”
Robert Wagner – Movie Actor
Bob West – Voice of “Barney” the dinosaur
Robert Windsor – Actor, “Strange Brew”
Robert Wuhl – Actor, “Hollywood Knights” & “Arli$$”
Robert Verdi – Designer, “Surprise By Design”
Robert Young – TV Actor, Played “Marcus Welby, MD”
Bob Zany – Comedian
Robert Zemeckis – Director, “Back To The Future”