May 24, 2024

Musical Bobs

Over the years, many Bobs have made the name famous through their music or their contribution to the music industry. We salute them here on the Big Bob List, and welcome you to point out to us any of the many we haven’t gotten to yet.

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Radio/Movie/TV Bobs

Character, Cartoon & Fictional Bobs

Movie/Show Bobs

Bob Allen – Barritone Vocalist And Big Band Leader

Robert Ashley – Pioneered Opera-For-Television

Bob Avery – Drummer in 60s band “Music Explosion”

Rob Bachman – Bachman Turner Overdrive

Bobby Balderma – Guitar, Question Mark & The Mysterians

Bob Baldwin – International Recording Artist

Bobby Bandiera – Guitar, Southside Johnny & Asbury Jukes

Bobby Bare – Country Music Singer, Grand Ole Opry Member

Bob C. Benberg – Drummer, Supertramp

Bob Bennett (singer, songwriter)

Bob Berg – Jazz Saxophonist

Bobby “Blue” Bland – R&B Recording Artist

Bobby Bloom – Singer/songwriter, performed “Montego Bay”

Bob Brozman – Blues Slide Guitarist & Instructor

Bob Browning – Nashville Country Vocalist & Gutiar

Bob Burger – Singer, Songwriter (Wrote Several For Styx)

Bob Burns – Drummer, Lynyrd Skynyrd

Bobby Brown – Hip Hop / R&B Singer/Songwriter

Bobby Byrd – Gospel Musician & Songwriter

Bob Casale – Guitar & Vocals, Devo

Bobby Caldwell – Country Singer, Songwriter & Musician

Bob Carlisle – Singer, songwriter

Bobby Colomby – Blood, Sweat & Tears

Robert Conway – Pianist & Music Professor

Bob Cowsill – The Cowsills (famous for “Hair”)

Robert Cray – Popular Blues Artist

Bob Crosby – Leader Of Swing Band, “The Bobcats”

Robert Crumb – Novelty Musician of the 1920’s

Bobby Crush – UK Pianist

Bob Daisley – Bass Guitarist, Black Sabbath

Bobby Darin – Singer, performed hit song “Mack The Knife”

Bobby Day – Doo wop singer from 50s, sang “Rockin Robin”

Robert Deleo – Bass Guitar, Stone Temple Pilots

Bob DiPiero – Country music singer

Robert Dopyera – Co-Founder Of The DOBRO Guitar

Bob Dylan – Legendary rock ballad vocalist

Bob Ezrin – Keyboards, Alice Cooper’s Band

Robert Fripp – Guitarist, King Crimson

Bobby Fuller – Sang “I Fought The Law”

Bob Gaudio – Member Of The Four Seasons

Bob Geldof – The Boomtown Rats

Bobby Goldsboro – Singer/songwriter, performed “Honey”

Robert Goulet – Singer (crooner) and Actor

Rob Grill – Lead Singer, The Grass Roots

Robert Leo “Bobby” Hackett – Big Band Trumpet Player

Bob Haggart – Jazz Band Bassist

Rob Halford – Vocals, Judas Priest

Bobby Hatfield – One Of The Righteous Brothers

Bobby Hebb – Soul Singer, Hit Song “Sunny”

Bob Helme – Storyteller, Singer & Guitarist

Bobby Helmes – Country Artist, “My Special Angel”

Robert Hunter – Keyboard/pipe organ artist from 1930s era

Bobby Isaacs – Gutarist/vocalist for Baltimore band “Tripwire”

Bob James – Jazz Musician

Robert John – Singer, performed “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”

Robert Johnson – Legendary Southern Blues Artist

Bobby Kimball – Lead Vocals, Toto

Robert Lamm – Keyboards, Chicago

Bobby Lawson – Rockabilly Hall Of Fame Inductee

Bobby Lewis – R&B Artist, “Tossin’ and Turnin'”

Bob Long – Pianist Bobby Lord – Country Artist, Grand Ole Opery Member

Robert Lowrey – New Orleans Jazz Guitarist

Robert “Bob” Lucas – Jazz Pianist

Bob Luman – Country Artist, Grand Ole Opery Member

Bobby Mack – Legendary Texas Blues Guitarist

Bob Margolin – Chicago Style Blues Guitar

Bob Marley

Bobby McFerrin – Reggae Artist, “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

Robert Mirabal – Alternative Funk Musician

Bob Mosley – Bass Guitar & Vocals, Moby Grape

Bob Mothersbaugh – Guitar & Vocals, Devo

Robert Nix – Drummer ~ Skynyrd, Atlanta Rhythm Section

Bobby Nunn – Original Bass Vocalist, The Coasters

Bobby Osborne – The Osborne Brothers, Bluegrass Artists

Robert Palmer

Robert Parker

Robert Parris – Composer

Bob Pelander – Keyboards, Michael Stanley Band

Bobby “Boris” Pickett

Robert Plant – Lead Vocals & Guitar, Led Zeppelin

Robert O. Ragland – Composer for “Pearl Harbor”

Bob Ralston – Organist from “The Lawrence Welk Show”

Bobby Ramirez – Jazz Musician

Bob Relf ~ of “Bob And Earl”

Bob Ritchie ~ Better known as “Kid Rock”

Bob Rock – Canadian musician, sound engineer, and producer

Bobby Rock – Professional Drummer & Instructor

Robbie Robertson – The Band (A Double BOB!)

Bobby Rondinelli – drummer for Rainbow, Blue Oyster Cult

Bobby Rydell

Bobby Sanabria – Percussionist, Afro-Cuban Jazz

Bobby Schayer – Drummer for Bad Religion

Robert Schumann – German Composer

Bob Seger

Robert Sheen

Bobby Sherman

Bobby Shew – Big Band Era Trumpet Player

Bobby Simmons – Drummer, Stetsasonic

Bobby Sowell – Rock-a-billy Hall of Fame

Robby Steinhart – Vocals & Violin, Kansas)

Rob Thomas – Lead Singer, Matchbox 20

Bob Timmers – Founder/Curator, Rockabilly Hall of Fame

Robert Trujillo – Bass Guitarist, Metallica

Rob Tyner – Lead Vocals, MC5

Robert Van Winkle – real name of rapper Vanilla Ice

Bobby Vee

Bobby Vinton

Bob Weir – Guitar & Vocals, The Grateful Dead

Bob Welch

The Bob Westfall Band (Madison, Wisconsin)

Robbie Williams – solo singer formerly with Take That

Bob Wills

Robert Winters

Bobby Womack – Singer


Bob & The Beachcombers (Minnesota party band)

Barbecue Bob & The Spareribs

Bongos, Bass And Bob – Musical Comedy Trio

Bob B. Soxx & The Blue Jeans

The Bobbettes

The Bobs (a capella ensemble)

Fat Bobs (blues group, Syracuse)