Planting Trees in Your Yard

Planting trees in your yard may not be as simple as heading to the nursery to buy a tree and digging a hole. Trees require some tender loving care to thrive in their new home. The following tips can help you get started if you want to plant a tree in your yard.

Think Before You Dig

The first step of planting trees has nothing to do with the trees at all. You need to make sure the place where you want to plant the tree is truly free space. Watch for underground utilities so you don’t damage your home’s systems or, worse, city lines.

Make a Shallow and Broad Hole

You don’t have to dig deep to plant a tree. They need room for their roots to grow, so a shallow but broad hole is the best bet. If you dig too deep, the tree may not be able to grow properly.

Inspect Roots

Once you have the right hole for the tree, remove the container. Now is the right time to inspect the roots. If anything is growing in a circle, untangle them to make sure the roots will have room to spread out once they’re planted.

Place the Tree at Proper Depth

Look for the place on the tree just above the roots where it begins to flare outward. This is the part of the tree that should be just above the ground. Place the tree at the right depth so that when you cover the roots, this will be the base of the trunk.

Fill in the Hole

When you fill in the hole with dirt, try not to pack it down too hard. Keep it a little loose, but make sure the tree is stable. You can stake the tree, but some experts suggest trees that are not staked can grow stronger and sturdier.

Care for the Tree

Now you can enjoy your new tree. Make sure to fertilize and water it regularly. Using mulch around the base of the tree will keep it healthy as well. If you do all of these things, you’ll enjoy the tree for the rest of the time you live in the home.

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