Proper Care for a Perfect Deck

How often do you use your deck? Do you host parties with wine or cocktails? Do you have birthday gatherings for a dozen or more small children? Do you serve dinner for your family when the weather is nice? However it is used, every homeowner who takes advantage of their deck must maintain it to ensure that it stays safe and comfortable or many years.

The following guide will help with proper care.

Keep It Clean and Dry

Your deck, when properly built, will last a very long time with just simple maintenance. Most important, you need to keep it clean and dry. Yes, it will be exposed to weather and that’s okay, but try to limit prolonged exposure. Regular sweeping of your deck to rid it of debris will generally be sufficient.

Winterize Your Deck

Of course, winter will be a time of prolonged exposure, so it’s best to winterize your deck before you expect inclement weather. Inspect your deck to make sure handrails are secure, no screws are loose and boards are not damaged. Clean the deck with a bleach-free cleaner or mild soap and water. To keep your deck dry during the winter, treat it with a water repellent.

Select the Perfect Wood

The type of wood you choose for your deck will also affect its life span. The three most common types of wood are redwood, cedar and pressure-treated wood. If you bought a home that already has a deck, inspect it to understand the kind of wood used and how to protect it. Some decks are built using engineered wood, and they may require less general maintenance.

To ensure you can enjoy your deck for as long as you own your home, contact us today.

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