June 14, 2024

Video recording apps smartphones tabletsNew real estate marketing trends emerge daily: new social media platforms, new multimedia services, new kinds of content — and new apps. Regardless of the mobile device(s) you own, there are brand-spankin’-new apps added every day that you can download and instantly use to market to your audience on your real estate website and social channels. A fast-evolving segment of the app development industry is video recording.

New tools that allow for unique filters, quick editing, and loads of other interesting features make it simple for real estate agents to record Spielberg-approved video. Below are 10 of the latest and greatest video recording apps that can transform your real estate videos into masterpieces (well, very short masterpieces anyway).

The Ones You Probably Use or Have Heard About

Instagram (Free)

Let’s get the big players out of the way. Instagram added its video function in 2013, and it’s safe to say it’s a widely used feature among Instagrammers everywhere. In fact, there were 5 million Instagram videos published within its first 24 hours of operation. Use the app’s three-to-15-second length to highlight the main attributes of your listings and include them on your real estate website. What’s made video even more appealing for the app’s users is the recent introduction of Hyperlapse: time-lapse videos for those who don’t have the $4,000 equipment necessary to create professional-looking lapse recordings. While it’s unclear how agents can take advantage of this tool, it’s still worth playing around with to develop ideas for your real estate marketing. (Note: You need to download the separate Hyperlapse app to use it — the regular Instagram app doesn’t support it.)

Vine (Free)

What can you do with six seconds? A lot, actually, as proven by the innumerable Vine users worldwide. Data from June 2013 shows Vine videos were found in nine tweets every second. It’s clear the app’s proponents keep finding new, interesting ways to use the app — particulalry brands and professionals. Just as noted for Instagram video, consider showing off homes for sale with Vine. Also consider using the app to show off your personality, like joking with fellow agents at your brokerage or enjoying a property tour with some clients. Nobody wants a stuffy real estate agent, so showing off your lighter side could put you in a more positive light with leads and real estate website visitors.

The Best-Reviewed Ones You Likely Don’t Know

Camera Plus ($1.99)

Now onto the lesser-known options. First up is Camera Plus, which offers several distinct features — chief of which is the AirSnap function. This allows users to connect two iOS devices: one to use as a remote control while the other device operates the app. So if you want to get a shot of you and your buyers right after you’ve closed a deal, set up your iPad on a tripod and use your iPhone to snap the pic from several feet away. You could end up with some snazzy shots to add your real estate website homepage. And that’s not all. You can also:

  • Paint over your photos with a brush tool
  • Add vibrant or muted colors, depending on the mood
  • Adjust sharpness of different aspects of your images
  • Click the Pix’d button, which automatically beautifies photos for you

Magisto (Free)

Back when music videos aired on MTV, many viewers aspired to emulate the videos of their favorite musicians. Magisto is just about as close as many of these people will come to creating high-quality music videos. The app is unique in that, when you’re done recording video and upload it to the Magisto website, its algorithms influence the final product’s development. The makers behind Magisto created Emotion Sense Technology, as they’ve branded it, which helps identify emotions of those in the video and, in turn, edits it accordingly to strike the right mood users desire — visually and audibly. While Magisto adds appropriate effects to your recording, you get to choose a song to play in your “movie.”

Bottom line: This app is ideal for real estate agents who want to tell stories about their clients and their enjoyable experiences working with them to find the home of their dreams.

ProCam ($1.99)

You get the best of both worlds with ProCam, which offers users clear navigation for its photo and video features. The app allows you to record video and snap shots while doing so. Once you’re done, use the myriad editing components to make your multimedia stand out. ProCam offers, well, pro features, including steady-cam which prevents shaky shots, spot focus and lock to accurately record your video subject, and the ability to create time-lapse and slow-motion videos. If you’re looking for a fully loaded video app that takes mere minutes to learn and use, you’ve found it.

Viddy (Free)

Arguably the most social app listed here, Viddy affords users the chance to record 30-second long videos, with the stop-and-start editing (a la Vine), and edit them accordingly for color, brightness, scene order, and aspect ratio, among other things. Then, users can share their recordings on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube in seconds and even add in a hashtag or two to increase their findability. Ideally, this app could help you show off your listings or even provide short, to-the-point advice for your audience. Want to quickly express your thoughts about your local market, the national real estate industry, or a how-to tip buyers and sellers would enjoy? Record yourself with Viddy on the go. Who says you need a script for real estate video production?

Videon ($4.99)

Multiple high-resolution displays, a sharp zoom-in feature, an adjustable frame rate tool, and video stabilization make Videon an optimal real estate video app for agents. It works with iPhone 4 and up, though the app-maker Lucky Clan notes many of its features tend to work best on the most recent iOS devices. Regardless of which device version you own, though, Videon offers plenty to help your craft professional-looking real estate video marketing collateral to post on YouTube, your website, and on social media.

The Rising Stars of the Video Recording App World

Directr (Free)

You can’t go wrong with an app that was just purchased by Google and is joining forces with YouTube. Directr is becoming well-known for allowing small companies and solo professionals to produce stunning videos — short films, really — that effectively promote their businesses. Record as much video as you need with Directr and trim, slice, and modify your audio and video accordingly with just a few swipes. And if you’re worried about keeping your videos saved and organized (aside from use on your real estate website), you’re in luck: Directr keeps its users’ videos stored in the cloud.

FiLMiC Pro ($4.99)

When you’ve won a video app of the year award from two different esteemed organizations, it’s a crystal clear indication that app is pretty good. The “Pro” in its title may give some the impression this app is difficult to master. That’s not the case, though. A clean interface that aptly displays all of the app’s numerous functions — including 4-times zoom, audio metering, and three different shooting modes — makes recording real estate video on FiLMiC Pro a walk in the park. The second you finish your mini film, you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Vimeo. Cinegenix, the app’s creator, even has aneducational and entertaining blog that shows recording tips, advice for video gear to use, and use cases of its app in action.

Spark Camera ($1.99)

Last and most definitely not least is Spark Camera, a fantastic video recording app from award-winning global design firm Ideo. The company’s Toy Lab, which developed the app, has even gone so far to call it “the first app we’ve built purposely for adults.” The app automatically edits clips together, has an easy-to-upload functionality for social media, and allows for musical soundtracks, making it an agent’s dream. Real estate branding becomes painless and even enjoyable thanks to Spark Camera. No fuss, no muss — the app makes real estate video marketing uncomplicated.

How do you use video in your real estate marketing? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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