February 24, 2024

Other Famous BOBs

Everybody knows somebody named “BOB”, Bobby, Rob, Robert or Robbie. We have started a list here of the Bobs (and names that can be cut down to “BOB”) who have made their names popular through movies, television, music, and many other ways.

If we have overlooked a famous Bob here, please don’t be afraid to point it out to us. Our mission is to list as many famous Bobs as we can, so we’ll need all the help we can get.

After looking at the “short list” below, check out the links below to the pages for famous Bob’s of many flavors:

Radio/Movie/TV Bobs

Musical Bobs

Cartoon/Fictional Bobs

Movie/Show Bobs

This list is far from complete, but it’s a darned good start!

Bob Barker– Game-show Host

Robbie Battle– Nephew Extraordinary

Bob Carlisle– Singer/Songwriter

Bob Costas– Sports Announcer

Bob Denver– GILLIGAN!!

Robert DiNiro– Actor

Bob Dole– Senator

Bob Dornan– Politician

Robert Downey Jr.– Actor

Robert Duvall– Actor

Bob Dylan– Famous Singer

Bob Evans– Founder of Bob Evans Restaurant

Bob Eubanks– Gameshow Host

Bob Fenster– newspaper Writer

Robert Foster– Actor

Robert Frost– Poet

Bob Gleason– CEO and President of All About Bob

Bob “Cat” Goldthwait– Comedian

Robert Gross– Author/Historian

Bob Hader– Comedian

Bob Hope– Famous Comedian

Bobby Hurly– B-Ball Star

Bob Hund– Music

Bob James– Jazz musician

Bob Keer– Star

Bob Keeshan– Creator of Captain Kangaroo/Author

Robert Kennedy– Former Senator

Bob Kline– Winton Woods person

Bobby Knight– basketball Coaching Great

Bob Lazar– Scientist

Robert E. Lee– Civil War General

Bob Livingston– Politician

Bob Marley– Famous Singer

Bob Miller– L.A. Sports Announcer

Bob Mortimer– comedian

Bob Newhart– Actor/Comedian

Robert Orey– Basketball Player

Robert Pacwood– Politician

Bob Parent– Photographer

Robert Perry– Football Player

Bob Probert– Hockey Star for Chicago Blackhawks

Bob Ross– Famous Painter, (seen on PBS)

Bob Ryan– Action 4 News anchor

Bob Saget– Comedian/actor

Bob Segar– Famous Singer

Robert Simonds– Movie Producer

Bob Smith– Politician

Buffalo Bob Smith– Howdy Dudey Time

Billy Bob Thorton– Actor

Bob Tischler– Music Producer

Bob Townson– Car Dealer in Cincinnati

Bob Uecker– Sports Announcer/Actor

Bobby Valentine– Wrestling Star

Robert K. Wiess– Movie Producer

Bob Woodward– Author

Bob Zany– Comedian

Bill Murry– Played a Bob In a Movie

Sideshow Bob– The Simpsons

BOB and TOM– Radio personalities

Bob The Dinosaur– Dilbert Character

Bob The Tomato– Veggie Tales

Bob The Software– Microsoft application before Windows

Uncle BOB– Everyone Has an Uncle Bob