April 23, 2024

Cartoon/Fictional Bobs

Not all Bobs are real-life people. (no, that doesn’t include me) Many TV, movie and book characters have been given the name Bob (or a variation). And there are plenty of cartoon Bobs out there, too, that keep children of all ages amused and entertained.

After looking at the list below, check out the links below to the other pages of famous Bob’s:

Radio/Movie/TV Bobs

Musical Bobs

Movie/Show Bobs

Bob The Dinosaur ~ Dilbert Cartoon Character

“Sideshow Bob” Terwilliger ~ Character on “The Simpsons”

Sour Bob – A Matter Of Fact Kind Of Guy

Bob the Anteater on PBS show “It’s A Big, Big World”

Bob Dog – Character on “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood”

Bobby Boucher – Lead Character in “The Waterboy”

Bob – the dog in Stephanie Plum mystery series

Bobby Baccalieri – Character on TV Drama “The Sopranos”

Robert Barone – Big brother on “Everybody Loves Raymond”

Robert “Bob” Benito – Apartment superintendent on “Becker”

Bob Bitchen – A Cheech & Chong skit character

Roberto “Bobby” Caffey – Character in “Third Watch”

Bob The Caveman from “Promethius & Bob”

Bob Campbell, wooden dummy on 70’s sitcom “Soap”

Bob, egg-friend of Weebl in the cartoon “Weebl & Bob”

Bob Cratchett from Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”

Bobby Donnell – Character on TV show “The Practice”

Robby Douglas of the 60’s sitcom “My Three Sons”

Bobby Ewing from “Dallas”

Bobby Generic – Main Character in “Bobby’s World” cartoon

Bob Hartley – Character in Bob Newhart’s Show

Bobby Hill of “King Of The Hill”

Robert “Bobby” Hill – Character on “Hill Street Blues”

Bob McKay – Character in Bob Newhart’s “Bob”

Bob McKenzie – Character in “Strange Brew”

Jim-“Bob” Walton – Character in “The Waltons”

Robbie Palmer – Character in “7th Heaven”

Bobby Pendragon – character in “The Pendragon Adventure”

Bob Parr – becomes Mr. Incredible in “The Incredibles”

Bob Patterson – Character on show with the same name

Robert Paulsen – Meat Loaf’s character in “Fight Club”

Rob Petrie of “The Dick Van Dyke Show”

Bob Pinciotti – Character on “That 70’s Show”

Bob Porter – Efficiency Expert in “Office Space”

RoloBob – Toy character in “Toy Story” movie

Bobby Simone – Character in TV Drama “NYPD Blue”

Bob Slidell – Efficiency Expert in “Office Space”

Robert Troll – Character on “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood”

Bobby Wheeler – Cab driver/aspiring actor in “Taxi”

Uncle Bob – Alias name given to the T-800 in “Terminator II”

The Dread Pirate Roberts from the movie “Princess Bride”

Silent Bob of “Jay and Silent Bob”

Baby Bob – “Baby Bob TV Show” & Quiznos Commercials)

Bob The Builder – Children’s Animated Toy Character

Bob The Tomato – Children’s Cartoon Character

Little Bobby of “Bobby’s World”

Sponge Bob Square Pants – Children’s Cartoon Character

Bob The Squirrel – Cartoon Comic Strip Character

Bob The Pleo – Web-based Cartoon Comic Character

Bob Seaver – Father Character in “Homeward Bound”