Build a Next-Level Backyard Playground

Backyard playgrounds have become a big-ticket item for many families. Keeping kids safely at home but also giving them a place to play outside is essential. And if you’re not looking for a basic swing set, what can you build to take your playground to the next level? Here are a few ideas.

A Climbing Wall

Climbing gyms are big business for adults, so why not instill the love of climbing in your kids early on? You don’t need a complicated or high climbing wall for the little ones, but using similar hand- and footholds on a short, slanted wall will give your kids a great place to play.

Tall Towers

Kids love being up high, so building a taller tower will give them the feeling they’re craving. Keep in mind that tall is relative. A 5-foot tower will feel like a skyscraper to a child. Keep them safe and accessible.


Who didn’t want a system of treehouses with connecting rope bridges when they were a kid? Now’s your chance to make that dream come true for your children. Building simple bridges can be easy, especially if you buy premade kits.

Fast Slides

What’s better than a tower with bridges? A quick escape with a fast slide. Kids love slides, and adults love them too. Include a fast slide in your play palace to add a safe but adrenaline-pushing zoom for your kids to enjoy.

An Outdoor Getaway

Your playground doesn’t have to be just a swing set or a jungle gym. Kids also love forts and treehouses, so you can combine the concepts and create a next-level play area for your children. Your yard will become the place all the kids want to hang out.

Do you want a great yard to build your dream play-set? Call us to find out more today.

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