Getting Your Home Ready for Winter

Winter weather, especially in northern parts of the country, can cause major damage to homes. Roof leaks, lack of insulation or foundation issues can all have a massive impact on your quality of life and the ability to resell the home in the future. So how can you winterize your home?

Here are a few simple steps to get you started.

Add Attic Insulation

Many of us don’t consider the efficiency of our home’s insulation, but it can make all the difference in the winter. Before the season sets in, check out your attic to see whether there are any improvements you can make. There are a variety of products to choose from today.

Caulk Any Cracks

Inspect the inside and outside of your home. Look for cracks that might let cold air into the home during the winter months. You can repair these by using the right caulk to seal them and help keep your home better insulated.

Install Storm Windows and Doors

If your doors or windows are old, chances are they aren’t the most efficient option. Today there are plenty of environmentally friendly and insulation options on the market. Consider replacing your windows and storm doors with newer products.

Change Furnace Filters

Every season, before you run the furnace, it’s time to change the filters. They get clogged up from regular use and will affect the efficiency of your HVAC unit. Look at the furnace model to find out the best furnace filters to use.

Do you want to be in a new home this winter? Call us now.

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